Communication. Reputation. Engagement.

Communication. Reputation. Engagement.

Welcome to Six O’Clock Advisory

Six O’Clock is where corporate reputation meets customer engagement.   It’s corporate and stakeholder communication of the contemporary kind, using our expertise in public affairs, media, marketing communication, journalism, online engagement and government.

Six O’Clock brings contemporary flavour to crisis planning and simulation

Six O’Clock Advisory has refined the firm’s crisis communication planning and simulation services to reflect the ever-changing communication tools available to employees, senior executives and customers, and the modern-day editorial and social media landscape.

Six O’Clock’s crisis communication planning and simulation offering is led by Group Adviser, Genevieve Mills.
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Issues and crisis management contact point

Should your organisation require issues and/or crisis management counsel and support immediately, please call 03 9993 0448. This number will be directed to a Six O'Clock representative ready to assist with your matter. You can also email [email protected].