Jess Brophy

Six O’Clock welcomes Jessica Brophy

Six O’Clock welcomes one of the industry’s best and brightest to its ranks. Jessica Brophy joins us as a Senior Adviser, leading a portfolio of clients across government, financial services and education. Jess is a well-rounded communication professional with a strong strategic mind, good media relations skills and networks, and impressive digital and social media… Read more »


KK free zone

What does a jar of expired tomato relish, a 1980’s home workout DVD, a glow in the dark pen and a Santa singing money box have in common? They are all crap cringe-worthy Kris Kringle gifts guaranteed to be given across Australian workplaces this festive season. I kid you not, for an average spend of… Read more »


Fair dinkum race to the bottom

At what point is an Australian, Australian? How many tax returns, what number of backyard barbies, Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon? Recent comments by Peter Dutton suggesting that the Fraser government erred in allowing an influx of Lebanese migrants in the 1970s highlighted, for me, a mindset that for too long has pervaded our thinking… Read more »

Nathan Clarke

Nathan Clarke joins firm

Six O’Clock Advisory is excited to welcome Nathan Clarke to its fold. Nathan arrives at the firm with credentials in public policy and communication, having led government relations for a national peak body in the health sector and served as a political adviser for a Federal Government minister. Nathan began his career in stakeholder engagement… Read more »