Communication. Reputation. Engagement.

Communication. Reputation. Engagement.

In unusual times, one thing’s for certain….

The global pandemic is affecting us all in ways we could never have imagined – professionally and personally.

At Six O’Clock, we’re attuned to the myriad challenges COVID-19 creates and, in some cases, the unexpected opportunities it presents. We’re here for our clients and network peers, ready and able to work with you as we always do – even in the most trying of circumstances.

Flexibility’s essential. We were on the front foot early to deliver our services and counsel in a virtual world. This included moving our market-leading media training and corporate social media training modules to online platforms. And, we’re continuing to evolve our broader offering to ensure it’s fit for the modern age and responsive to an ever-changing operating environment.

At a time of ambiguity, the notion of certainty has become priceless for our clients – certainty of access, certainty of advice, certainty of execution.

We’re by their side, as we always are, and we stand ready to help other organisations and their leaders with their strategic communication, stakeholder engagement and reputation management needs.


Issues and crisis management contact point

Should your organisation require issues and/or crisis management counsel and support immediately, please call 03 9993 0448. This number will be directed to a Six O'Clock representative ready to assist with your matter. You can also email [email protected].