Augmented Reality becoming business reality

By Anabel Churkovich

Augmented Reality becoming business reality

Love it or hate it, the Pokémon Go app has managed to take over the world. It has sent masses into the streets, parks and even out to sea. A day after the app’s release, it was installed on more US android phones than Tinder.

The worldwide phenomenon has fascinated many with its fun, but it has also brought its functionality- augmented reality (AR)- into the limelight.

Despite being around for a while in varying forms- Viewa, Aurasma and Google Translate are three applications that come to mind- AR and associated technologies haven’t yet been embraced properly to enhance our everyday living, from the way we learn about history, buy consumer goods and interact with colleagues.

What’s true is that the hype surrounding Pokémon Go as more to offer organisations than the chance to team-build by catching Pikachu. AR is a platform that could drastically revitalise the way we think about business strategy, how we interact with clients and market products. And businesses that embrace AR will create a first-mover’s advantage in their field.

In professional development, AR offers a new method of teaching employees technical procedures. Training employees via visual stimuli so that they can see inside a printer, for example, forges a deeply captivating and interactive experience. Visual learning has found to be more effective for long-term memory and comprehension than simply reading an instruction manual. Employees can become technicians in no time!

In education, the days of chalk and blackboards are long gone, with younger generations wondering how we ever survived without interactive whiteboards and iPads. Education systems have had to adapt to this new era of students known as ‘digital natives’, introducing new measures that will engage this tech-savvy generation.

Developing an AR educational curriculum might be the next step, a system that would create mind-blowing learning experiences that will transform dinner table conversations. Imagine learning the periodic table by interacting with the 3D element of Nitrogen or superimposing intestines, lungs or a liver over a classmate to discover the body’s anatomy. Wouldn’t this increase your fascination to learn?

We’ve had some recent exposure to AR’s impact through our work with The Good Education Group, an Australian creator of multi-platform resources such as The Good Careers Guide and The Good Universities Guide. Good Education jumped aboard the AR train with Melbourne start-up Plattar to create an entertaining and engaging app that complemented the Good Careers Guide- see AR bring the guide to life.

According to the most recent NMC Horizon report, AR is identified as a key enabling technology in education and there is no doubt that other sectors will be following suit.

This might see students catching career-defining courses instead of creepy little characters.


Image source: Pixabay