KK free zone

By Siobhan Koopmans

What does a jar of expired tomato relish, a 1980’s home workout DVD, a glow in the dark pen and a Santa singing money box have in common? They are all crap cringe-worthy Kris Kringle gifts guaranteed to be given across Australian workplaces this festive season.

I kid you not, for an average spend of around $25 dollars per present, workmates are gifting and receiving KK’s not even fit for a mother-in-law.

And the cost? Well, with more than three in five Aussies participating in this outdated gift giving practice it’s likely a whopping $179 million dollars* will be wasted on office Christmas gifts that no-one wants.

The alternative? Easy. www.caregifts.org.au.

Yep give a gift to someone in a developing country, save the embarrassment (yours and your workmate’s) and do good while you’re at it. Surely that’s the real spirit of Christmas?

A school yard straw poll of mums waiting for their cherubs at pick up revealed some hilarious and truly awful KK gifts…a Jenny Craig voucher (!!), fluffy dice (she didn’t drive a Monaro), a Pope keyring, a box of expired chocolates, bottle of chilli sauce and a packet of size 16 undies.

For the same price as the undies, a family in a developing nation could be gifted mosquito proof malaria nets. Or a water treatment kit. Or even two chickens for nutritious eggs to eat or sell.

We’ll be celebrating our first Christmas this year as Six O’Clock Advisory and our office will be a KK free zone.

No individual gifts will be given. Instead, we’ll consider one large contribution from our work family to a family in need this Christmas and probably make ourselves feel good in the process.

Merry Christmas.

*2016 Kris Kringle research conducted by Lonergan Research.

News Corp coverage: http://bit.ly/2hk0sXS