The impact of presence on leadership

In a year when the concept of trust, as it relates to many of our most iconic institutions and important professions, has become the subject of intense scrutiny, leadership, too, has been in the spotlight.

A finance sector royal commission in Australia and countless cases of corporate misconduct and poor operational decision-making have led to a forensic focus on organisational culture, with many misadventures playing out in editorial and social media.

This week, media monitoring and analysis agency Isentia, released new data into the impact of presence for the executives of Australia and New Zealand’s top 150 companies.

The research:

  • rates the top performing CEOs in editorial and social media;
  • identifies an under representation of females in senior executive ranks; and
  • shows that many senior executives are yet to see the advantages of being connected to their customers and stakeholders via social media.

Six O’Clock Director Patrick O’Beirne joined Isentia’s Chief Executive of Insight, Khali Sakkas, and executive coach Kylie Lewis from Of Kin, to discuss the paper at a forum attended by communication sector leaders.

Hear what was discussed in this short video (below) and download the full Isentia report here: