Federal Budget 2019

In handing down the 2019-20 Federal Budget, the Treasurer focused on lower taxes, more infrastructure, better skills and quality education.

The budget is in many ways a campaign launch, with the government playing to its base and promising:

  • Three years of budget surpluses.
  • Lower taxes for 10 million Australians and three million small businesses.
  • Funding for 80,000 new apprenticeships.
  • A $100b National Infrastructure Plan.
  • Record spending on schools and hospitals.
  • Small business budget sweetener of $400m as the Coalition expands the instant asset write-off.

Of course, the Coalition will have to win re-election if it is to deliver its long-touted surplus, which the Budget tips to be $7.1b next financial year.

Six O’Clock undertook our annual budget lock-up on 2 April 2019 to assess the Government’s focuses for 2019-20, and closely monitor reactions from media and stakeholders. Jim Stiliadis, Director, and Nathan Clarke, Senior Adviser, took time on the night to discuss their initial reaction.

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