Shooting for the stars; the short story of intern and netballer, Eibhlis Moore

By Eibhlis Moore

With my internship at Six O’Clock drawing to a close, I’ve taken a few moments to reflect on what I’ve learnt and consider the influence it’s had on my career aspirations.

As a kid, my coaches constantly told me that there’s no ‘I’ in team. My time at Six O’Clock has shown that this idiom is as true in business as it is in sport.

Despite only being ‘professional’ for a short time, it’s clear to me that teamwork manifests itself in:

  • appropriate delegation and two-way dialogue;
  • offering your colleagues the opportunities to try something different;
  • a leader who places him or herself next to those they guide rather than in front;
  • the more experienced asking questions and learning from the less experienced; and
  • meetings that provide all employees the platform to speak, even the intern.

At the start of my internship I was given advice to invite individual colleagues for coffee in order to compare notes on careers and the industry in general.

I was initially nervous with this proposition because it meant pulling myself out of a comfort zone. But when I did, found these exchanges as invaluable as the techniques I was learning on the job.

Everyone’s path to scoring career goals is different and we all learn from each other, irrespective of position in the industry. Speaking with some of the professionals at Six O’Clock broadened my perspective on the depth of the communications sector, and highlighted the distinctive skills and attributes each individual brings to the table. It also shone a light on the important steps each one took to build the respect and reputation they currently enjoy.

Stemming from my nervousness to ask people for coffee, came the realisation that holding myself back out of fear of failure or rejection, will fundamentally, affect me and no one else. I learnt that within any single opportunity, exists multiple additional opportunities.

My internship at Six O’Clock was an opportunity in itself, for which I’m incredibly grateful. Within it existed endless amounts of other opportunities to extend myself, to learn more, to experience more. It was simply up to me to not hold myself back; to access these opportunities and maximise the time I had to do so.

At university, my career aspirations have fluctuated, but the one constant has been an intention to work in communication. It has only been within the past six months, that I have consciously considered the specific industries that align with my values, skills and interests. Completing Communicating the Organisation at RMIT last year – the subject which granted me the internship with Six O’Clock – sparked my intrigue with corporate communications and seven weeks at Six O’Clock have served to solidify it. I have been fortunate to work across accounts that carried meaning and resonated with my values.

One of my metrics for growth and fulfillment has always been that if my younger, netball-playing self would be proud of what I’m doing, then I’m on a good path.

The team at Six O’Clock has certainly drawn that pride to the surface, while also reinforcing there’s no ‘I’ in team.

Maybe I’ll return one day and start the firm’s first netball side.