Corporate social responsibility

There is an inextricable link between an organisation’s CSR and corporate community investment (CCI) activity, and the way it is seen in the public domain. It also stands as a powerful employee engagement tool, helping to bring people together around a shared cause or purpose that goes beyond the organisation’s commercial imperatives.

Six O’Clock has extensive experience in designing and implementing CSR and CCI programs that are born of and align to an organisation’s broader corporate brand objectives. This includes identifying, creating and amplifying the stories and anecdotes that emanate from a company’s community investment activities, and making them part of a broader narrative about the company’s contributions, achievements and priorities.

Six O’Clock works closely with Corporate Citizenship and its subsidiary, the London Benchmarking Group, which helps hundreds of organisations worldwide to assess the value and impact of their community investment and CSR programs.

Corporate social responsibility services

  • corporate social responsibility strategy
  • corporate social responsibility story-telling
  • shared-value concepting and amplification
  • stakeholder engagement

 Corporate social responsibility

With such rapid change, it’s incumbent upon firms to be attuned to the change but also organised enough to evolve quickly.